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It's our pleasure to present you Jahorina, the snow queen, the mountain which was the housewife of Winter Olympic Games in 1984.


Today, Jahorina is one of the biggest ski and tourist center of Balkan. It's just 28km from Sarajevo. The main road, which is completely reconstructed and in use by winter period, is the line between the Capital town of BIH and the Commune Pale. When you arrive to Jahorina, there are great prepared ski paths over 20km long with four ski-lift and four two-seaters. It's can transports about 7 5000 skiers.


Near the paths there are ski-rentals which render you to rent a suitable equipment for skiing. This ski- transport supports the Olympic Center of Jahorina. For all pleasure in this attractiveneness you can share with our ski-instructors who can teach you for just five days to ski, boarding and other magical experiences. For others who want to enjoy in night-ski and we have great attraction each Tuesday and Thursday from 19h to 22h by afternoon on path Poljice.


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Sarajevo, BiH:  +387 65 414 413     (from BiH: 065 414 413)
Croatia:  + 385 51 240 149 (iz Hrvatske 051 240 149)
+385 95 900 3102 (iz Hrvatske 095 900 3102)
Serbia:  + 381 64 11 71 601  (from Serbia: 064 11 71 601)
Germany:  + 49 221 29 78 96 88




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