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Vikendica Planinski Snovi Jahorina Chalet Planinski Snovi Jahorina Chalet Mountain Dreams





Accommodation for 6+2 persons consists of large (very comfortable) living room (two persons may sleep there using sofa’s as beds), fireplace, kitchen and dining room, two triple-bedded rooms, bathrooms and ski-room. Cottage “Mountain Dreams” is placed near settlement “Poljice” (100 m distant from Hotel Kristal and “Sport” board). You can easily approach the house- directly from the main road, and still it is fitted into the pines of Jahorina, you can actually feel the distance from daily crowd. The exterior of the house is utterly charming and it fits with the environment, while the interior completely justifies the name of cottage.

Really comfortable and well lightened living room with fireplace is perfect for those visitors who are active all day because, beautiful mountain view, on one hand and nice warm house on the other is something we call perfect holiday. Dining room consists of kitchen range (with oven), refrigerator, utensils for eight persons and all those things you need in order to prepare nice, warm, delicious meals.


Then there is large bathroom and two triple-bedded rooms, and of course ski-room is at your disposal too. And not to forget about one more important thing- you don’t have to worry about coldness, house has central heating. Besides that you can enjoy yourselves beside a nice fire, drinking vine, having magical moments with your beloved ones.

In a short the cottage has it all, prepared just for you, for an unforgettable holiday… Mountain Dreams…



Yours VIP Jahorina Team wishes you pleasant winter holyday on this Olympic beauty.


Jahorina Skijanje
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