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Foregin tourist visiting Jahorina

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Foregin tourist visiting Jahorina
« u: 29 Listopad, 2019, 12:56:55 »
Dear Gent's
Recently i have deceided to visit Bosnia and i want to visit ski resorts. Judging by the photos ofJahorina mountain it is a beautiful place. Now i have been reading about situation in Bosnia on some other forums about muslim part of Bosnia and Cristian part, and i know that Jahorina is situated in Republika Srpska where mostly live Cristian people. Me and my family are muslims and my wife wear nikab/hijab(scarf which cover her head)
I would ike to know is it safe for us  to come there. What would happen if we, for example sit in the coffie shop or in some restoran would we be safe on Jahorina. Or she will have to sit in hotel room all the time if we come there😁
Hope that you will understund my question and my fears.
Thanks to everybody in advance.

Odg: Foregin tourist visiting Jahorina
« Odgovori #1 u: 29 Listopad, 2019, 13:15:04 »
Hello and welcome to Jahorina!  (Y)

We have lot of tourists from Middle East and mostly women are with nikab/hijab. During summer we have buses with tourist from Arabian countries. Also, in our small houses we have many tie visitors with nikab/hijab.
And nobody has any problem until now.
We have also hotels with halal food ... so please contact our sale management via info@jahorina.org or call directly at +387 65 414 413

I’ll hope you'll enjoy your stay at Jahorina and in Srpska/Bosnia.

You can see our cottage's: https://www.jahorina.org/vikendica/

Odg: Foregin tourist visiting Jahorina
« Odgovori #2 u: 29 Listopad, 2019, 13:49:26 »
 :> :skijas:
Thank you for you prompt response. I am realy glad to hear that. I have been resarching through Instagram and i saw a bunch of photos and i am in love with Jahorina, the place is amazing. Cant wait for snow to come so i can visit You.

Thank you very much.